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Zanzibar is a land of mysticism and beauty with a diverse landscape. It has bewildered the imagination of travellers throughout the ages of mankind. It is steeped in legend and mystery and known to be the last genuinely and unspoilt tourist destination with hundreds of years of old civilization besides having many interesting places to bear witness to, it boasts of traditional hospitality where the old and the new interact.

Zanzibar has gained a respectable position among nations concerned with environmental protection, thus a case in point – Eco-Tourism Thanks to the picturesque places that offer touristic possibility – rich historical background, spectacular variety of fauna and water sports. The friendly atmosphere around, will make your stay an unforgettable one, so why wait until you hear from someone else.

Let us be your host and show you the splendour and exciting places on the island and the World's best game reserves that are found on the mainland of Tanzania… Our carefully selected multilingual consultants are courteous with immense knowledge of this mysterious and wonderful Island. Let them inspire and make your dreams come true as you discover…fascinating history, adorable culture, and a thrill of adventure at it's best.

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